Monday, 21 July 2014

customer service

Customer Service

As a believer in providing great customer service from Remote Key Europe, it is interesting to look at the customer service I have personally experienced recently.

Needing a part for my lawn mower, I sent an enquiry to a major garden equipment supplier in the UK.  2 weeks later I have not even received a reply.

I ordered an exhaust part for my ancient Volvo from an eBay supplier in the UK and paid on line.  I received a response acknowledging my payment but no information about shipping method or date.  Two weeks later, having received no response to emails & phone calls, I registered a dispute with the card company.

A further 2 days later I received the part, 15 days after paying. I never did receive any response from the company.

In contrast, all enquiries to Remote Key Europe are answered the same day, mostly within an hour or two. Orders received are acknowledged on the same basis. A despatch date, usually within 48 hours of the order, is notified to the customer, together with the shipping method, UPS, DHL or post if requested.
Tracking numbers are provided and the customer receives their order, usually within 3 days of despatch. The majority of our EU customers receive their order within 5 days from date of payment. If there is weekend, then it may be 7 days.  

Delivery to customers in the USA & Australia takes a day or two longer but is still usually within 10 days from date of payment. Frequently, customers in major cities in USA, Australia & Canada receive their orders in the same time as EU customers.

The many testimonials of thanks that we receive bear out the quality of our service. Here are just two examples: More on the web site:

A customer in Australia with a Land Rover Freelander wrote to us thanking for our service.  To travel to the nearest dealer would have involved a Ferry trip and a 600 kilometre drive; total cost in the region of A$500. He paid us less than $200 for a solution that got him back on the road without leaving his house.
Another European customer was deprived of her Rover car which was desperately needed to take her children to school, for 3 weeks waiting for a local diagnosis of the fault. After she contacted us, we asked her to send the immobiliser ECU to us. We repaired it, programmed a new remote and returned it to her within 48 hours of receiving it. She was back on the road the day she received the parts.

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

MG Cars

Owners of MG models ZR, ZS, TF or F and MGR manufactured by the original UK company are updating or replacing their old or worn out key fobs from Remote Key Europe.

Remote Key supply brand new fobs which are a direct replacement for the original.

Many MG's were shipped to Australia & New Zealand and the factory fitted immobiliser worked on a different frequency to the UK. UK frequency was 433 MHz, whilst Australia & New Zealand, & North American exports together with Japan, were 315 MHz. 

It is vital that the correct frequency is specified otherwise the new fob will not work. We supply a programmer with each new fob. The customer programmes the fob, a 1 minute job, then returns the programmer to us for a refund and notification of the EKA ( Emergency Key Access) applicable to the vehicle, for future use if the car keys are ever lost.

Following a USA and Australian customers' discovery of our service  the word has spread and we now receive a steady flow of enquiries & orders from around the world.

We also repair immobiliser ECU's from these and other models, when they fail.  We often receive enquiries from customers who have purchased used ECU's  from breakers or the internet and are surprised when they find that these do not work.

The Immobiliser ECU is programmed to the vehicle at the point of manufacture and a unit from another vehicle will not be recognised by the car. When this happens, we ask the customer for the original ECU which can usually be repaired.

The owners of Remote Key Ltd were involved in the design of immobiliser systems supplied for use in early Rover & Land Rover models. This expertise enables most Land Rover, Rover & MG vehicle immobiliser problems to be solved at low cost. Other vehicle system immobiliser problems on Opel, Renault, Nissan & Ford can usually be resolved.